Bill offers a wide variety of seminars and he works hard to develop programs that meet your specific needs. Here is a little about some of his more popular programs.

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Dominate your Market: The Best Team Wins! This spectacular and unique program has audiences glued to their seats as Bill leads them through his 5-step program designed to help you build a “market dominating” team. Regardless of your industry or market you will be able to apply this program to your team and see results in a very short time frame. You will leave this seminar highly charged and armed with the tools to be a better leader. Bill will give you a 5-step model that you can instantly put to work in your organization.

Customer Service: Seeing what your Customers See.. This seminar will cause you to look at customer service in a completely new way. We can all agree that attitude is the biggest factor in customer service but what really drives our attitude? This seminar will dive deep into the world of social mindfulness and explore the connection it has to customer service. You will learn how the way we view life controls our ability to serve others. Can we offer great customer service when we feel life is unfair? This seminar offers real solutions to your customer service issues.

Taming the Temperament: A psychological approach to leasing and selling. This highly successful and popular program will make you think, laugh and ponder. You will learn so much about human behavior and what drives our decision-making. This research-based seminar continues to be a crowd favorite. Bill will introduce you to the four basic human temperaments and describe how our temperament type dictates how we view the sales process. This is a “can’t miss” program for every sales and leasing team.

Bill offers training and seminars on:


• Partners with a Vision: Managing and Motivating the Maintenance Team.
• Taking the Risk out of Emergency Service.
• Money Management for Maintenance.
• Understanding the Mind of the Maintenance Man.
• I’ve been Tricked and my Residents are Ticked: Hiring the right people for your maintenance team.
• Customer Service and Social Mindfulness.

Leasing and Sales:

• Taming the Temperament: A psychological approach to leasing and selling.
• Why we Buy.
• Turning Callers into Customers: Telephone techniques that work.
• Hard Marketing in a Soft Market.

Leadership and Management:

• Lead to Succeed: the qualities of successful leadership
• Dad can’t always Drive: Building self-driven employees.
• Happy Managers Hire Right.
• Dominate your Market: the best team wins.
• How to be happy though Stressed. • Developing a Higher Vision
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